IN HER SHOES is a unique conference built to help moms and teen daughters reconnect in a powerful way


About this event

    • 70% of parents struggle to communicate meaningfully with their children
    • 78% of parents feel shut out of their child’s life
    • 82% of parents believe their child avoids talking to them on purpose



Counselor, Life Coach, and #1 best-selling author, Shannon Perry, created the IN HER SHOES event to help moms, stepmoms, guardians, and grandparents who are raising teen/tween girls to learn how to open up new lines of positive communication and bring their relationships to a new level. The event includes skits, games, door prizes, food, media, music, audience participation, and breakout sessions with moms and daughters, as well as general sessions with Shannon where moms and their girls learn how to better communicate with one another and acquire action steps to implement in everyday life.

The topics taught are all timely and directly targeted to help in everyday life issues such as:

  • Parent/teen communication
  • Self-esteem and body image
  • Cell phone/social media usage
  • Dating pitfalls to avoid
  • Choosing friends
  • How to properly share thoughts/feelings
  • Decision-making skills
  • How to handle bullying/cyberbullying
  • Plus much more!

“I have seen ‘first-hand’ the change in these moms and their girls. Some drove over five hours to attend. If you are passionate about investing in the next generation, this is a must-have for your group.” — Sabrina A., IN HER SHOES conference host, Oklahoma

“I heard an interview with Shannon on CBS about an upcoming ‘In Her Shoes’ event and decided to attend. I had not seen my 16-year-old daughter in two weeks because she’d run away from home, but I sent a text, begging her to meet me at the event. I didn’t know if she would come or not, but she did. She was very angry at me when she walked in, but throughout the day as Shannon spoke, the walls between us began to come down. By the end of the day, she hugged me, and through tears told me she was so sorry. My daughter also gave her life to Jesus Christ that day. I am forever grateful for Shannon and the ‘In Her Shoes’ event. It changed everything for my daughter and I.”— Mom from Memphis, Tennessee

Recommended for ages 12 and up.